Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stress Management and Promotion of Mental Health

M – Minimize your needs. Lead a simple and
Contentful life.

Money management: Be wise in earning and spending

E - Expectations about others : To be reduced. Persuade
them to understand and live comfortably with you.
Empathies with them.

N - Negative thinking : To be changed to positive thinking.

T - Today should get importance, not the past, not the
future. Try to be happy today.

A - Accept reality : Adapt yourself to it. Appreciate
yourself and others.

L - Loneliness to be avoided. Get support of others.
Develop religious and spiritual activities. Join social

H - Hobbies to divert your attention. To relax : Music,
reading, creative activities, sports, yoga, meditation.

E - Express your feelings with someone you like/ write
diary/keep good environment.

A - Be active. Enjoy the work you do. Keep yourself busy.

L - Learn skills. Improve your knowledge to manage your
Problems. Prepare and manage life events.

T - Take things as they come. Tackle one problem at a
time. Have realistic targets.

H - Healthy life style – Regular food – Exercise (walking)
Good living environment. Treatment for health
problems from family doctor.

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