Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Place of their own

Home is every child's castle. Its the place where young children s surrounded by the people who mean most to them. It is where they feel safe and secure.  Within the home, young children want a place that is theirs and theirs alone. 
They want to share their belongings all the time. they like to feel that their things are their own to do with as they please
Even if the home is very small doesn't matter children want a space they can think of as their own. They also want a place in the bathroom where their towels, washcloths and toothbrushes will always be found. Adult are puzzled about why a place of their own means so much to them some are amused by it. But many see it as a sign of selfishness that should be curbed. The adults fail to see the psychological gains this gives a child. A place of their own makes child fell secure, feel that they are being accepted as individuals. It gives them a sense of pride that comes from ownership.

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  1. Its not just about security and pride its also about sense of belongingness that a child develops which, as the child grows, will become stronger and where ever he/she is, that sense of belongingness makes it secure and feel safe. It's also a point where the child feels that yes it is accepted and given the respect and is valued by rest of the family. The sense of "FEELING PRECIOUS"