Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Music has been used from the time civilization started it is only in the recent years that people seem to realize the importance of music to relieve them from the stress that they unknowingly under go in their struggle to overcome the obstacles and the problems and the problems they experience everyday. Many people talk about music therapy as a means of receiving ones stress and as a tool that creates a way of relaxing the body and mind.
Music as a therapeutic tool has its roots in ancient history irrespective of the culture. The effect of music on the behavior was mentioned in the Vedas, Bible, and in the early Buddhist texts. Music therapy was used in almost all the parts of the world and it may be of interest to note that music was used not for treating the mental disorders but for the physical disorders. The Egyptian and other Greek physician used music to restore the health of the patient.
A primitive practice known as Shamanism that refers to the treatment of various diseases using music therapy believed that diseases develop due to imbalance in the rhythm of the body and mind music was used to regain and restore balance. The term ‘Melotherapy’ was coined by Launagein to the use of music for the treatment of diseases. The terms musicotherapy and later psychorhythmo were used to refer to the power of the sound patterns in the music.

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