Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Makes Children Happy

Since happiness is different for each person, there is one thing that will make children happy.  There are, however certain things that adds to true happiness. They may be called the three A’s of happiness.  They are achievement, acceptance and affection.
Achievement:  Children feel good about themselves when they have done well in what they set out to do. To do something worthwhile and do it well- even if it seems like a small thing to others---- is an important part of self respect, and therefore of happiness, at any age.
Acceptance: When others accept children as they are the children feel good about themselves.  Being accepted as part of a group, however small, makes people feel secure.  A person’s achievement may add to acceptance by others.  Acceptance may also grow into affection.
Affection: At any age, being liked by others helps people like themselves. Children know that others like them by the way others treat them.  When the children return the affection that others show, the feeling is strengthened on both sides.  Being loved and giving love are essential to happiness.  

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